Timeless Organic Cosmetics are MADE IN AMERICA!

by Renee on March 28, 2014

We have added our MADE IN AMERICA Natural/Organic line of Cosmetics to our already fabulous existing retail line of cosmetics. 
  Timeless Organic Cosmetics
The formulations are all Natural and infused with Certified Organic ingredients. We use a Natural preservative system and most products are now Vegan & Gluten Free. With this and our 100% Synthetic Vegan Brushes – we help paint a pretty face – Naturally!   
 Call us today for a Makeup Lesson.  Learn how to apply your makeup and what colors will be best for you. Or just come in and try our testers anytime!
Why Organic?
Organic products just work better. Non toxic skin care products are more effective simply because they are made with ingredients that don’t disrupt your body’s natural state. Since what you put onyour skin will end up in your body, treat your body well and you will feel and look your best.
Our client’s all-time favorite is…
TOS Anti-Aging BB Cream
85% Natural / Sun Protection / Vegan/ Gluten Free
Here is a list of TOS Cosmetics that we retail at
Timeless Salon & Studio:
Natural/Organic Concealer
(100% Natural/88% Organic)                                                  $16.95
Duo Concealer/HighlighterPencil 
(100%, Vegan & Gluten)                                                            $12.50
Natural/Organic Mascara
(100% Natural/85% Organic / Gluten free)                          $17.90
Natural Brow Powders
(95% Natural/70% Organic/Gluten Free /Vegan)               $16.95
Gel Liner Smudge Pots
 (95% Natural/70%Organic/GlutenFree/Vegan )                 $15.75
Natural / Organic Lip Gloss
(98% Natural/90% Organic/Gluten Free/Vegan)               $15.95
Natural Lip Pencils
(100% Natural)                                                                             $ 9.50
 Eyeshadow                                                                            $16.95
 (100%Natural / 75% Organic / Vegan / Gluten Free /
Cruelty Free )
Natural Brow Sculpt Pomade                                          $17.95
(100%  Natural / 80% Organic /Vegan / Gluten Free /
 Cruelty Free)

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