Happy Valentines Day Special

by Renee on February 11, 2014


February Special 1

Hi all!  This is Erika.  I am the Licensed Massage Therapist at Timeless Spa & Salon.  Just reaching out to you and wishing you good health!

In today’s society I don’t think we get enough time to actually “smell the roses”. We are rushing to work to make the money that pays the bills for the food and gas to fuel ourselves and our body just to wake up and do it the next day. This leads to STRESS! When you are stressed the body is acting in Flight or Fight mode. It is the equivalent to running away from a tiger or running a marathon all day. Your head is filled with thoughts that race and have no order. This can affect your mood and your sleep and eventually your body will give out from running on empty all the time.

In my line of work as a massage therapist I want to help people take care of themselves so

This month I want to challenge everyone to a few lifestyle changes to help take care of yourself.


  • Sleep. Most people need 6 to 9 hours of sleep.
  • Stay active. Take a walk to the post office and park further away from stores and walk a few dozen extra steps. Exercise helps improve your mood by releasing those “feel good” endorphins.
  • Take your vitamins and nutrients. when you are stressed your electrolytes and other essential nutrients get used. Especially in the winter it is hard to get fresh fruits and vegtetables and stay outside long enough for the wonderful Vitamin D. So fuel your body for the long haul.
  • Eat appropriately for your daily activities. Eat a good breakfast high in protein, a good lunch, and a light dinner.
  1. SMELL THE ROSES. Do what you can to resolve any stressful situations, set a timeline or accomplish what can be done today and make a To Do list for what is waiting on tomorrow. Smelling flowers and enjoying scenery, relaxed conversation, massage, down-time will help reduce that stress or take you out of fight or flight.

    So schedule your massage and Take Care of yourself.  Below is our February Special.  Expires February 29th. 2014. Hope to see you soon!

            In Good Health,

The Staff @ Timeless Spa & Salon



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