The New Hair Trend Blowing Brunette’s Minds!

by Renee on February 3, 2016

The Hair Trend Blowing Brunette’s
Minds: The Cherry Bombre’

Are you a woman with brown hair who’s itching for a new and trendy look? Meet cherry bombré. No, it’s not a spherically-shaped firework, but it’s hardly farfetched to say that this new hair color trend will ignite a beautiful explosion on your locks. Sure enough, there have been a host of hair trends in the past year. Thankfully, brunettes won out on this one because it is smoking hot, indeed.

Cherry Bombré: What is it?

Cherry Bombre'

Ladies with virgin brown hair (which means: no previous hair color) can take advantage of this fiery color trend started by celebrity colorist Beth Minardi. Minardi has had the pleasure of working with numerous high-profile clients, such as Cameron Diaz,  Julianne Moore, and Brad Pitt. The NYC color guru worked her magic by combining cherry bomb with ombré for vibrant, gorgeous color that elevates brunettes to bombshell status.

Cherry Bombré: Why it works?

The cherry bomb ombré coloring technique is much similar to traditional ombré, as clients still have brown hair at the tips. However, using a balayage technique, the head-turning red hues are applied into brown hair with greater intensity towards the ends. In general, it works fabulously with olive or porcelain skin tones, but the colors can be adjusted to suit virtually any skin tone. What’s more, the technique requires minimal processing, so no need to worry about chemically fried hair. Plus, the cherry bombré technique grows out well (just like ombré), so there’s also no need to run back to your colorist every few weeks.

Step back, blondes. It’s refreshing to learn of a popular hair color trend that doesn’t work best on blond hair. The cherry bomb ombré technique adds vibrant color and a dose of understated fun to all brunettes who dare. What do you think of this new color trend?



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