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So how is everyone dealing with this bone chilling cold?  They call this winter storm Vulcon!  I am not looking forward to it.  Hopefully this will be the last we see of winter for awhile!
It’s almost impossible to decide what to wear to keep warm and safe. We all know that wearing layers of clothes to keep warm and protect ourselves form the ills of this time of the year is a must to staying healthy and avoid becoming sick. But, beside worrying about what to where to keep warm, and protect your organs, you also need to think about what you need to do to protect and care for the biggest organ you have. SKIN!

SKIN is the largest organ of the body. It is natures clothing and our first line of defense. It is a living, breathing organ , that requires proper care and nourishment. Like any other organ in our body, knowing the specifics of what is required for the type of skin you have, is as important as knowing what you need to promote good heart, lung, or kidney health. Just like knowing to wear layers, eat properly, exercise and taking vitamins to protect our internal selves from getting sick during these winter months, we need to properly dress, nourish and protect our outer self also.

Making sure we are eating healthy, taking the necessary, vitamins, and supplements is the first step in caring for our skin.

Renee recommends this site for all of your vitamin and mineral needs: www.nutrametrix.com

Renee & Lorraine  recommend:  Nutrametrix OPC-3 Skin Health Formula

Remember,  no matter how wonderful and warming a long hot shower feels, it is extremely dehydrating and damaging to the skin. Especially during these cold months. It is important to look at showers as a daily must instead of an extended luxury. Like brushing your teeth, showering is simply to clean and practice good hygiene. Whether summer or winter using a moisturizing body wash is a good idea, as most soaps are harsh and drying to the skin. Before drying off use a body moisturizer all over your body, applying the body moisturizer while still wet, and pores still open will help the moisturizer penetrate and replace the moisture loss during the shower. Be sure to pay extra attention to those areas that could be exposed to the cold, like your hands. This will help avoid raw chaffed hands.

Lorraine recommends:  1. Royal Spa Smooth.  2.  Royal Spa Imperial Bath & Shower Gel

The cold is especially an enemy to aging skin, for this reason it is very important to dress your skin in layers too. Now that you have begun dressing your bodies needs. Move on to caring for the skin on your face. Clean and exfoliate appropriately for your skin type, next apply a toner, depending on your skin type this replaces the pH balance disrupted during the cleaning process. Now it is important to apply another layer of protection, by applying an appropriate moisturizer for your skin type. Be sure to include applying moisturizer to your lips. This will aid in protecting your lips from the dreaded chapped lips.

Lorraine recommends:  1.  Motives Vitamin E Lip Treatment.  2.  Timeless Perscriptions Exfoliating Cleanser  3  . Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer

though we don’t think about needing to dress in layers at night to protect us from the cold, it is important to have a night time skin care regimen for our skin. By taking the time to insure you are aware of your skin type and routine needed to keep this organ healthy, is as necessary as knowing what helps you sleep. We all know how important sleep is to our health, knowing how to care for your skin is just as important.  If you are having trouble sleeping…

Renee’s recommends: Nutrimetrix Prime Dreamz

In aging skin it is imperative to use a deep moisturizer, as the cold and wind strip the skin of moisture, and hydration. Next you need to apply a sunscreen. Although we only think of using sunscreen in the summer months, it is just as important to use it during the winter months as well. Just because the sun is not as hot in the winter as it is in the summer, your skin is still exposed to those harmful UV rays.

Lorraine recommends:  Cellular Labs De-aging Sunscreen

Now you can start applying you makeup. Using a foundation containing BB cream is a must for aging skin, as it is not only an added layer of moisture, but has healing abilities as well.  Come in and try our own brand of Organic makeup:

Renee & Lorraine recommend:  Timeless Organic Solutions BB Cream!  It is 90% Organic!

Hopefully you now can see that dressing in layers applies not only to what is in your closet, but also what is in your bathroom. So before you reach for those warm leggings, sweater and scarf, make sure you have started dressing and layering the biggest organ you have…your skin.

or personalized information on your skin type, and the best way to care for it contact me and I will give you a complimentary Skin Analysis.  You can also get advice and guidance on the proper diet, vitamins and minerals for your skin protection from Renee’ our Nutritional Health Coach.

Regardless of your skin type, the importance of proper nutrition and skin care, will help you avoid the damage and problems that come with winter weather.

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